Non-Surgical and Highly Effective:
A Better Alternative to Traditional Implants

Join the thousands who have chosen a smarter, less
invasive way to improve their smile and oral health.

Holistic Approach to Dental Wellness:
Comprehensive Care for Your Overall Health

ZX-27 not only revitalizes your smile but also enhances your overall dental health through a gentle and comprehensive treatment approach.

Quick, Cost-Effective Dental Care:
Efficient Solutions for Your Dental Needs

Experience faster recovery and significant cost savings with ZX-27. Designed for efficiency, our system reduces both downtime and treatment costs.

Key Benefits of ZX-27 Non-Surgical Dental Solution

Minimal Discomfort

Experience reduced discomfort with our gentle treatment options


Achieve faster results with our efficient dental procedures


Enjoy affordable dental care without sacrificing quality


Embrace a holistic approach to your dental health with ZX-27


ZX-27, a trusted solution with over 30 years of successful worldwide application, has finally arrived in the U.S.! American patients now have the fortunate opportunity to benefit from this proven dental innovation.

The ZX-27 system is a revolutionary approach in the field of dental care, providing a non-surgical alternative to traditional dental implants. Unlike conventional methods that involve invasive surgical procedures, ZX-27 utilizes advanced glass abutment technology to securely anchor dental prostheses without the need for cutting into gum tissue. This method not only significantly reduces the discomfort typically associated with dental restoration but also shortens the recovery time, allowing patients to enjoy the benefits of a restored smile much quicker.

Ideal for patients who are unable or unwilling to undergo surgery due to health concerns, age, or personal preference, ZX-27 offers a compassionate solution that respects the body’s natural structure while providing solid, reliable results. The system is particularly beneficial for those who have experienced bone loss and therefore cannot undergo standard implant procedures without extensive bone grafting.
Furthermore, ZX-27 is not only a practical choice for immediate dental restoration but also a cost-effective alternative. By eliminating the need for multiple surgeries and lengthy procedures, it reduces overall treatment costs, making dental care more accessible to a wider audience.

By choosing ZX-27, patients are not just getting dental care—they are investing in a holistic approach to dental wellness that prioritizes comfort, efficiency, and overall health. Embrace the future of dentistry with ZX-27 and experience a smoother, more comfortable path to a beautiful smile.


Main characteristics of ZX-27 glass

Our Attractive Glass Abutment system ZX-27 is exceptional not only as far as the application is concerned but also from the point of view of publicity, marketing and distribution


This attractive tooth replacement system is protected by the world trademark and awarded internationally certificates.

30 years experience

Prosthetic system of glass abutment ZX-27 has a number of clinical trials and has been used in practice for over 20 years.

Quick construction

The system ZX-27 is non-invasive, without surgical intervention of the implant into the bone
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