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Tooth gaps disrupt perfect closure and chewing harmony. Their effects on human organism are known. Tooth gaps can be eliminated by fix denture when adequate numbered and situated own teeth are present. In case of a low number or unsuitable teeth prosthetics are applied. Their disadvantages are known. In certain parts of such cases application of implants remains a possibility, that is a rather complicated intervention and raises several problems

Despite successful construction, success is only partial, as with solving one problem another hardly curable problem brings to the surface, namely the patient’s damaged psyche.

The essence of the ZX-27 Attractive Glass Abutment System is for people who still have their own teeth, but do not want prosthetics or implants can obtain fixed dentures with this method.

ZX-27 was founded in the first place to create absolutely beautiful smiles


Main characteristics of ZX-27

Melting Temperature

1560-1600 °C

Pressure Strength

120-150 MPa/kp/mm2

Alkaline Solubility

Hydrolytic Class 2.

Acid Resistance

Hydrolytic Class 1

Conditions Made

On the Utilizable Glass

Rigidity Suitable to Utilization
Chemical Resistance

In addition to its main components ZX-27 contains small amount of zinc and magnesium

but does not contain harmful plumb or barium that can be found in general glass and their raw materials.

The good workability of ZX-27 glass under laboratory circumstances is own to its high boron-trioxide content.

That made the indispensable high alkaline content being reducible. Due to the low sodium content, corrosion does not cause local pH rise nearby the gum.

The above assure dental utilization of structural elements made from ZX-27 glass.

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