ZX-27 glass abutment has arrived in America!. A new solution to people who are exhausted of wearing dentures or who are simply stressed about having oral surgery for implants.
M&M Dental Studio Inc. is proud to be the exclusive supplier of ZX-27 in America.

ZX-27 is an attractive glass abutment system that brings a new and unique solution to these problems; which calls for an entirely new approach, different from what has been used so far. ZX-27 is now being used in over 20 countries.


Conditions made on the utilizable glass:

• Workability
• Rigidity suitable to utilization
• Chemical resistance and its effect on organism.

Melting temperature: 1560-1600 °C

Pressure strength: 120-150 MPa/kp/mm2

Acid resistance: Hydrolytic Class 1

Alkaline solubility: Hydrolytic Class 2

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